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Tooth Decay & Plaque

Plaque is a layer of bacteria (biofilm) that forms on the surface of teeth. The plaque over time can harden to come tartar (otherwise known as calculus) which is a hard substance that forms on the tooth or root surfaces. Plaque and tartar both contain harmful bacteria which can breakdown gum tissue and teeth resulting in tooth decay or gum disease.

Poor oral hygiene, avoiding the dentist can result in increased plaque and tartar buildup, this in combination with a diet containing sugar or acid often results in tooth decay.

The treatments include improving oral hygiene with regular tooth brushing and flossing, regular dental checkups, dental cleans and a carefully managed diet. Established tooth decay requires treatment with a dental filling (restoration). Resultant gum disease from persistent plaque and tartar requires treatment with professional scale and cleaning or periodontal treatment.

Not only can plaque and tartar build ultimately lead to tooth loss, it can also cause significant dental sensitivity or dental pain.

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