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Dr. Felix Zhang

Dr. Felix graduated with Honours from the Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Melbourne in 2007. He is also a current member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and has worked in both regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne in private practice.

Felix’s special interest in preventative science and medicine, as well as his passion for both handcrafting and working with people, all contributed in his decision to pursue a career in dentistry. He believes making his patients feel comfortable and at ease in the dental setting is paramount to a quality dental experience. He likes to offset dental sounds with the use of different music genres as he understands the acute noises associated with dentistry may not always be pleasant.

In dental practice, Dr. Felix is passionate about the prevention of dental disease and enjoys the challenge of changing his patient’s perspective on dentistry for the better. Outside of clinical practice, Dr. Felix is an outdoor enthusiast, loves bushing-walking and camping, rock-climbing and snow sports. He is also a big fan of watching live sports, in particular cricket and rugby league.

Dr Felix Zhang

Special Interest

Preventive dentistry
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98 %
97 %

Clinical Hours

Mon09:00 a.m02:00 p.m
Tue09:00 a.m05:00 p.m
Wed09:00 a.m05:00 p.m
Thu09:00 a.m09:00 p.m
Sat09:00 a.m02:00 p.m

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