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About Pearson Dental

At Pearson Dental, we understand that every person is unique and hence requires personalized care when it comes to their dental journey. Our philosophy is one which values accurate and thorough diagnosis, well considered treatment planning and providing optimal clinical care to all our patients. We believe in making patients feel comfortable as a top priority and that dental anxiety should not be a barrier for patients obtaining dental care.

Our dental practice has been in continuous operation in Brunswick West for over 80 years. During this time, the practice has formed close bonds with local community groups and businesses. It has been a great pleasure looking after multiple generations of people from the same family, as well as newcomers to the Brunswick area.

About Us
Dental Practice Since 1920

We have a long history on serving our patients to having healthier teeth.

12+ Years Experience

Our dentists have been practicing dentistry for over 12 years and are continually updating their dental knowledge and skills.

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans so our patients wont miss out dental care and always have a healthy teeth.


We provide wide ranges of dental treatments.

Local Labs

At Pearson Dental, we ensure our local dental labs meet the highest standards and quality.

Let's Bring Back Your Healthy Teeth